Support at home


If you decide to quit, we know it can be hard to get your friends and family at home to support your choice. It can also be hard for them to stop smoking around you, but we can help you with that too.


Quit for Us app

When you’ve decided to start your quit journey our Quit for Us app helps you stay smokefree. There’s lots of hints, tips, and games to help you stay smokefree.

  •  The savings game lets you set a money-saving goal. Fill in the diary, keeping track of how many days you have been smokefree and work towards buying something nice for you and your baby.
  • Keep your fingers busy when those cravings hit, the name game lets you pick a name in a fun way! Swipe left to reject a name and swipe right to consider it.
  • Find out how big your baby is getting each week inside your tummy.


Quit for you. Quit for two. Quit for us.

Download the app today from the App Store or Google Play Store.


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Second-hand smoke

Second-hand smoke is just as harmful to you and your baby as smoking yourself. It’s also more dangerous for young children and can lead to bronchitis, asthma, middle ear infections and even Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (cot death).


Help your partner to quit

If your partner smokes, encouraging them to quit can really help you succeed. And with both of you quitting, you will save even more money.

So, if you’d like to bring your partner along to the stop smoking service too, just mention it to your midwife and we can help you both quit.


A smoke free home

Sometimes people encourage everyone in their family/home to make a pledge to keep the house and car smoke free zones.